What is OneProvider?

A: OneProvider is a Canadian company that provides a full suite of online solutions and consolidation services for your business or personal needs. We offer dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation in 143 locations throughout the world. We bring together the services of over 100 upstream providers, all in one place, with a single bill and a single control panel to monitor your entire fleet of services.

What is OneProvider’s most important feature?

A: OneProvider’s most important feature is OnePanel™. This control panel makes it easy to pay and manage all your servers in a single place, no matter the location. Find more information about OnePanel™ here.

What is OneCloud?

A: OneCloud is our virtual servers infrastructure. With OneCloud, you instantly deploy a virtual machine anywhere in 30 locations. More information available here.

What are OneCloud’s most important features?

A: OneCloud is KVM-based virtualization, with state-of-the-art SSD storage and connected to 1Gbps ports in all of our locations. More importantly, it is possible to switch location at any time in a matter of seconds, and only pay by the hour for the resources you actually use.



What form of payments do you accept?

A: We currently accept PayPal, AliPay, Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay) and all major credit card payments, as well as SWIFT bank transfers for invoices larger than $500.

Can I change my payment method?

A: You can choose your method of payment for each invoice.

What is the delivery speed of dedicated servers?

Please note that due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on semiconductor supply chains, dedicated servers delivery time may exceeds 3 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

A: Dedicated servers are usually delivered between 1 to 3 business days from payment confirmation*. Some locations may take a little longer, please contact us for more information on the subject. 

What counts as payment confirmation?

A: All new customers must go through an initial, one-time verification process, or pay using a 3D secure credit card to bypass the verification system. Payments are only confirmed once this verification has been completed successfully. More information can be found here.

How are dedicated servers billed?

A: Servers are delivered and renewed on a monthly basis by default. You may also opt for the following billing cycles with their respective rebates: Quarterly (5%), Semi-annually (7%), Annually (10%).

How is OneCloud billed?

A: Each active OneCloud instance is billed hourly, based on the resources cost of your virtual machine. OneCloud users must maintain a minimum amount of account funds in order to open VMs. An invoice summary will be sent on the 1st of every month with a full outline of your usage costs for the previous month. More information can be found here.

How much is OneCloud overage?

A: Each OneCloud plan comes with a predetermined amount of allowed traffic. Bandwidth overage is billed at the rate of $0.05/GB. 

What is the delivery speed of OneCloud?

A: For unverified accounts, the OneCloud instance will be delivered as soon as the verification is successfully completed, typically within 24 business hours. For already verified accounts, the instance will be delivered instantly.

Do you offer refunds?

A: Yes, we do offer refunds. However, we reserve the final decision on all refunds, based on the situation and reason for the cancellation. The rule of thumb is that any delays that prevent you from using your server within the normal delivery time will be credited, or the payment renewal date will be adjusted. Only reported issues on which we have exhausted all attempts at resolution will be refunded in full. It is important to note that refund requests based on information that were included in the terms of service or clearly available on our website will always be refused. Please note that we do not offer refund on funds added to the account.

Can you merge my invoices?

A: Yes, we can merge invoices. Please contact our support team for this matter.

Are promo codes recurring?

A: Yes, unless specified otherwise. The same applies for clearance deals or limited time rebates.

What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you do not wish to renew your service, you must submit a cancellation request at least (7) days before the service’s next due date.



How long does it take to be verified?

A: Account verifications are generally within one business day of an order being completed.

How does the verification system work?

A: The verification system was implemented in order to avoid fraudulent actions or illegal transactions. New customers paying with a credit card not supporting 3D secure, or an unverified PayPal account will be required to provide identification. Verified PayPal account will not be required to do this verification. Please note that verification may be required again if you decide to change your payment method.

Can I have multiple sub-users on my account?

A: Yes, it is possible to have multiple sub user accounts under one main account. You may also grant distinct permissions to each sub-users in the Sub-Users section of OnePanel™

How do I cancel my account?

A: Your account will remain active even if the account has no active services. To have your account cancelled or closed, simply make a request through our support system and our staff will assist you promptly.

How do I change my email address for my account?

A: Because the email address is linked to our verification system, it is currently impossible to modify it on your own. To change your email address, simply make a request through our support system and our staff will assist you promptly.

Do you have a reseller plan?

A: Yes, we have a reseller plan. Once you have reached 5 servers in the same location, customers must apply to the Reseller program. Once your application is reviewed and approved, an initial 5% rebate on every new order in this location will then be applied. Further rebates may also be granted once your business expands.

How does the ticket priority queue function?

A: We always answer tickets on a first-come first-served basis. However, “bumping” your ticket will send it back at the end of the list, which will delay any answer from our team.




Do you offer cPanel?

A: No, we do not offer cPanel anymore.

Do you have an API?

A: Yes, we have an API. To receive access to the API, please make a request through OnePanel™ under API Access.

How do I request a new feature?

A: You can submit your suggestions from you client panel under Development.

Are your services managed or unmanaged?

A: All servers are unmanaged. We do not do any custom installations, or bug-fixing, but our support team will gladly advise you and make recommendations on any issue encountered in your installations. All network and hardware related issues, as well as billing, disputes, cancellation and reboot requests will however be handled promptly by our staff.

What is Geo-localization?

A: Geo-localization is a technology used to assign IP’s to a server different than where the server physically is. Some of the specs you see on our dedicated server pages have this mention, indicating that the physical location of the server may differ from the one you are viewing. This allows us to offer more affordable options in areas where the prices would normally be considerably higher.


Dedicated servers

How do I order additional IPs?

A: You may order additional IPs in the IP Manage tab of your server’s Manage page, however this option only exists in certain locations. If the option is not present, simply make a request through our support system and our staff will assist you promptly.

How much do additional IPs cost?

A: The cost of additional IPs varies greatly from location to location, please contact our sales team for more information.

What do the bandwidth column indicate, and why does it vary in format from one location to the next?

A: Because of the different network configurations and market localities, bandwidth is listed under one of three formats:

  • Metered traffic + port speed (ex: 10TB @ 100Mbps)
    • This means that you may use up to 10TB of traffic per billing month, to a speed of up to 100Mbps. 1, 2
  • Unmetered traffic + port speed (ex: Unltd @ 1Gbps)
    • This means that your downloads and uploads are not counted, and that you may use a speed of up to 1Gbps. 1
  • Bandwidth speed / port speed (ex: 10Mbps/100Mbps)
    • This means that while your downloads and uploads are not counted, you are only allowed to use 10Mbps for 95% percent of the billing month, and are allowed to burst beyond 10Mbps for 5% of the billing month, or approximately 36 hours in total. 3

Can I order more RAM or storage for my server?

A: This option is not available in all of our locations. Please contact our sales team.

Can I upgrade my server?

A: This option is not available in all of our locations. Please contact our sales team for more information on this matter.

How does the 95 percentile on bandwidth work?

A: 95th percentile billing allows a customer to have a short (less than 36 hours, given a monthly billing period) burst in traffic without overage charges. 95th percentile means that 95% of the time, the usage is at or below the allowed amount. Conversely, 5% of the traffic may be bursting above this rate, and up to the limit of the port speed, without incurring any surcharges or capping.



Does OneCloud currently support IPv6?

A: No, it does not currently support IPv6. We do plan on implementing it in the future, but we do not have an ETA yet.

How do I upgrade my plan?

A: In OnePanel™, under OneCloud Manager select “Change Plan”, which will allow you to upgrade your plan seemlessly.

What type of virtualization is OneCloud built upon?

A: The OneCloud infrastructure is virtualized with KVM Technology.

Do you offer custom plans?

A: Custom plans may be discussed by contacting the sales team.

Can I order additional IPs for my virtual machine?

A: At the moment IP addresses are limited to 1 per OneCloud plan.

Can I install my own ISO?

A: We have a list of available ISOs. If the OS you wish to use is not currently listed, please contact our support team and we may possibly add it for you.




What is your SLA?

A: Our SLA can be found here.

Do you offer managed services?

A: We are only offering unmanaged services on both our dedicated and virtual servers. Therefore, you are responsible to backup any important data on your server and are fully responsible regarding any configuration or changes made on the server.

Do you accept adult content?

A: We tolerate adult content as long as it remains legal. However, you should be aware of your server’s location’s laws if you plan on doing anything that can be considered as ‘gray-area’ hosting.

What is your policy concerning DMCA?

A: An email will be sent as a warning regarding problematic contents. This email will also include the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. If a server or customer is receiving too many DMCA abuses we reserve the right to suspend and / or terminate the affected service(s) without any notice.

Will OneProvider access my data?

A: We never access our client’s data without their consent.


Dedicated servers

How much are dedicated servers overages?

A: Bandwidth costs and allocations vary greatly from one location to the next. Please contact our support team prior to purchasing a server to obtain prices for both overages and pre-commits.

Do you have test IPs?

A: Please contact our support team to obtain a test IP in the location you desire.