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What is the VMware Tunnel application?

The VMware Tunnel app is a mobile app that an end user can download through the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Provides a secure method for organizations to allow internal applications and public applications to access corporate resources.

What is per-app VPN?

Per-app VPN is a functionality that allows applications to access internal resources on an app-by-app basis. This means that some applications can be enabled to access internal resources, while others cannot communicate with their back-end computers.

Does it work with all installed apps?

No, it only works with apps that have been developed and configured to use it.

What devices are supported?

  • iOS 9.3
  • +

  • Android 5+

What version of the Workspace ONE Admin Console

does this new VMware Tunnel application support? Workspace ONE Admin Console

v9.0 and higher. The version is located in the lower-left corner of the Workspace ONE Admin Console, under About. For best results, use the latest version.

How is data in transit protected?

Communication is secured using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

Is this a replacement for traditional VPNs?

Tunnel Gateway provides more granular control than traditional VPNs by allowing the IT administrator to determine which applications can access internal resources.

Can this replace the application tuning for internal applications?

The Tunnel application acts as an alternative option only if the only requirement is to tunnel into the internal network. Otherwise, you should use the app setting to take advantage of features like integrated authentication, geofencing, offline access control, and so on.

How is the end user affected by this application and functionality?

This is transparent to the end user, as the most common use case is for the Workspace ONE administrator to push down on the Tunnel app from the Workspace ONE administration console. Any app that identifies itself to use per-app VPN automatically connects through the tunnel without prompting the user for any information.

What else needs to be configured in the Workspace ONE Admin Console for this functionality to work?

Configure application settings in the Workspace ONE

  1. Admin Console on the Workspace ONE Tunnel Settings page
  2. .

  3. Create a Workspace ONE tunnel VPN profile for your iOS and Android devices
  4. .

  5. Push the apps that you want to enable with per-app VPN functionality from the Workspace ONE administration console.

The Use VPN check box on the Deployment tab of the Add Application page instructs the application to use per-app VPN.

What ports should be open for per-app VPN?

Ports are configurable and full details about the ports used can be found in the VMware Tunnel Virtual Appliance System Requirements Online Help or

Can Safari or Chrome go through the Workspace ONE tunnel to view

internal sites?

You can add Safari and Chrome domains to your profile to access internal sites directly through this app.

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